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It started with 3-4 distance competitors in the Fox Valley. They didn't even compete in the same sports, but realized that no matter if you're riding, driving or running, we can all help each other get to the starting line

Trying new equestrian sports is tough! Chances are your friends and barn mates aren't out crushing trail the way distance equestrians do. That's what we are here for.


We offer education, advice, assistance, cheering, hand holding...whatever it takes for you to start - and finish. 

A few became 8, then 8 became 12, and then 30-40 equestrians were training together. The "team" was born in 2022. To "join" complete a distance event. Any kind. Any distance. Then you're one of us.

Fox Valley Distance Equestrian Team supports distance community and team members. We aim to advance horse and human athletes, and ensure a bright future for equestrian distance sports.


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FVDET wouldn't be possible without the support of:

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