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Spring Driving Mileage Derby

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Amy Broadie
Rocked it! Did my first distance event!Team Member
I do limited distance or endurance ridesEndurance Rider

Zero miles driving today, but took Flash pony on her "depletion ride" before the Glacier Trails event next weekend. She'll be ridden and not driven there, because she is such a dependable pony that she'll go just to help some other first-time competitors cross the finish line.

A "depletion" ride or drive is my last, long conditioning workout prior to competing at any distance. I usually do that 14 days prior, but since I don't plan on doing anything long or fast, I made an exception to my "depletion" rule and did it 10 days before Glacier Trails. Once again, thanks to @Nicole Wirgau for serving as the safety buddy who knew where I was and when I'd be home.

Nicole Wirgau


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