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Spring Driving Mileage Derby

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I completed Day 1! It wasn't the day 1 I was expecting - or hoping for - but it was the day I got!

Got out to the barn late, and found a party must have happened in the pony pen! 7 wheelbarrow loads later, and we are ready to work.... Or not.

Both Iris and Owl were live wires with the cold wind blasting through the barn.

Iris and I ground drove for about a half mile, doing loops in the arena - I got lots of jogging cardio in as she trotted and racked her anxiety out. We also worked on shoulder in when I needed to slow the pace without hanging on her face. She ended in a nice, relaxed walk.

Owl wasn't able to settle either - and as we are using the derby as a great introduction to ground driving for him, it wasn't worth starting today. So we worked on leading from the "off side" - which confuses him on the best of days 🤣

What a great day to really see both ponies baseline!

Amy Broadie


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