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Spring Driving Mileage Derby

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Amy Broadie
Rocked it! Did my first distance event!Team Member
I do limited distance or endurance ridesEndurance Rider

I was oh so disappointed to come home from giving a great presentation at the National Drive to snow on May 1st . Utter madness!

The National Drive was fabulous as always, and I told them I wasn't there to talk to them about distance driving, but for some reason everybody kept asking me questions about that!!! It was like reverse psychology and it worked. Mostly I talked about the TV show Bonanza. And running. And they kept bringing it up and asking me questions about how to drive farther. I'd say there's a good level interest there 😃.

I spent today putting away my goodies that I took to Indianapolis, and hopes of being super prepared to do some stuff outside tomorrow and the rest of the week!!!

Nicole Wirgau
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