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Spring Driving Mileage Derby

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Excited to join all of you. We have a coming 4 year old 1/2 Morgan pony. I hooked up for the first time over Christmas break and was able to take her out every weekend until it got icy and then yucky until now. Yesterday when she saw me bring the cart out of the barn she neighed and came running to the gate! She is loving her new job. She hooked up and drove like we did it yesterday. Today my 12 yr. old daughter took her first ride with us. It was a happy moment to have together! She enjoyed tracking how fast Flicka was walking. Faster up the hill...

Happy Driving!


Amy Broadie
Nicole Wirgau
Nicole Wirgau
Nicole Wirgau
May 07, 2023

Hooray! Sounds like Flicka is a great pony! So fun!



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