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Spring Driving Mileage Derby

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My husband went on a trail drive on Sunday that had several big hills, crossed water on a very windy day. Had a great time. The buckskin crossed the water like a Champ the first time. Second time we had to do some schooling. It was her first time doing a water crossing. This is her first year of hitting the trails. She is getting more comfortable on the trails each time. The silver Dapple. He will do about anything asked of him.

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Amy Broadie
Rocked it! Did my first distance event!Team Member
I do limited distance or endurance ridesEndurance Rider

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Tonight, I had the best of intentions to ground drive for one last entery, but had a feeling I needed to ride instead when I was leading Iris to the tie ring. So, we had the most marvelous ride. All of the ground driving paid off. We even trotted in long and low - including some transitions while I rode one handed to video!

Ground driving is one of my favorite tools - and hopefully one day I will be able to hitch up Owl! Something to look forward to next year

Amy Broadie
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