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Join date: Apr 21, 2022


I am an avid devotee of ponies and mares - which probably means there is something fundamentally wrong with me!

Iris is a fun, athletic little TWH/Pony X mare. She is fun - but unpredictable; particularly around other horses. We are looking forward to growing both of our confidences and working towards endurance!


I have a new addition, Owl! He is supposedly a QH x Fjord cross, and is from the deep south. He seems confident in his own skin, but isn't sure of what I'm asking with dressage style riding. Hoping to get him out on the trails soon!


In addition to Iris, I have ridden many different ponies and horses in just as many disciplines - I believe in finding a job that suits my pony, not fitting an unsuitable pony to my goal. So, I have done everything from dude ranching on a Hackney, fox hunting a Haflinger, trail riding arabians, and trying to do dressage on a mule (that one did not work so well - whoops! ).

Here to the journey!!!


  • Recruit
    I'm learning! I'm working toward my first event!
  • Pony
    I ride little ponies and little legs crush it!
  • We're All Mad Here
    We're All Mad Here
    I have done FVDET's March Madness Challenge!
  • Gaited
    I ride a fabulous gaited horse!
  • Crew
    I'm a wicked efficient support ground crew person. Ask me for help!

Nicole Wirgau

We're All Mad Here
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