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Contact us; let us know you are interested in joining!


Start conditioning for your first distance  event.


Complete an event of any distance (N, C, LD, D, RT or E).

what does it take to join the team?

Joining is easy. Complete a distance event of any length and you can join the team. "Recruits" are those who have contacted us and are working on step 1 and 2. Once you complete step 3, you are one of us.

At this time, there is NO COST for both members and recruits to join and participate. Some events and resources available do have a cost associated (i.e. attending a clinic, joining a challenge, purchasing an online learning program, etc.). 

Once you achieve step 3, you will be in a great position to help other recruits work on steps 1 and 2. What this team is really about is supporting each other in becoming distance equestrians and enjoying the sports together.

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